1) We share the accounting file via the cloud and help you transition it to the cloud if you are not utilizing it already.

2) We securely connect to your bank accounts. Using secure technology, we connect with your bank account to automatically import your bank and credit card statements. We do this over an encrypted connection and are not able to create transactions or alter your bank accounts when provided with a limited login.  If your transactions are not available for download or import, we key them in for you.

3) You send us your receipts and documentation. We make it as easy as possible to submit an unlimited amount of documents. You can email them to us, fax us, or you can even FedEx them to us.  We can scan them and save them in an electronic filing system in the cloud that you can access.

4) We categorize and match everything. Our bookkeepers can efficiently categorize every transaction, and match up receipts. This removes the burden of manual data entry and categorization from our clients.

5) We reconcile the totals to ensure perfect accuracy. Our bookkeepers ensure a penny-perfect match between your reports and each bank or credit card statement. We have the experience and expertise to fit together the jigsaw puzzle of transfers, taxes and currency exchanges.

6) You receive an income statement and balance sheet each month. At the beginning of each month you get an interactive report with all your income and expenses categorized and all your documents matched and filed for the previous month. You now have everything you need to measure the performance of your business and file your taxes.

7) We add to our schedule important tasks and deadlines for your business so you don’t have to keep up with it. Every month we will take the burden off of you and calculate and file sales tax, schedule payroll liability payments and ensure that monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks do not get missed.