Accounts Payable

Track and pay all monthly invoices from vendors while controlling your company’s cash flow.

Accounts Receivable

Prepare and deliver invoices and month-end statements to your customers electronically or via standard mail.

Payroll Service

We will handle all aspects of payroll.  Click here to learn more.

Bank Reconciliation

We’ll balance your month-end bank statements and provide a detailed Profit and Loss report to track all revenue and expenses.

Credit Card Reconciliation

We’ll review in detail all credit card statements and categorize expenses on the Profit and Loss report.

Maintain Chart of Accounts

Based on the type of business, we’ll set up your revenue and expense Chart of Accounts so that your Profit and Loss reports will have all necessary details.

Financial Statements

Our accounting service prepares specific information about your company’s overall financial position, including the Profit and Loss Statement (also known as the Income Statement) along with a Balance Sheet showing all current assets and liabilities.

Sales Tax Computation and Filing

We will calculate and submit your Sales Tax payable and remit it to the state and county on your behalf.

Administrative Services

There are times when your company may benefit from an outside professional in order to resolve office administrative issues. No matter what the problem, we have the background and expertise to identify and develop a solution which is tailored to fit your needs.

Office Setup and Organization

From simple office setup and organization, to complex filing systems, we have the ability to assist to allow your business to operate and grow at its most effective and efficient level.